Travel Planning

Arrival by plane

We can arrange for transfer from airport to conference place, if you follow some guidelines:

  • From North America fly in at Dusseldorf DUS
  • From Korea fly in at Frankfurt FRA
  • From across Europe fly in at Cologne/Bonn CGN
  • Make sure you will arrive on August 13 (flights from America usually arrive on the day after departure)
  • Arrivals on August 14 should only be an exception and can only be handled if landing at the above airports before 12 noon that day (Aug. 14).

Inform us about your flight data as early as possible:
Please, enter your complete flight data on your own Profile page.
If you have problems or questions, contact us by mail.

If you choose other airports than the above mentioned, you have to travel to the conference place on your own.

Arrival by train
Travelling to the conference place by train is possible, but somewhat difficult and time-consuming.
The destination is Willingen (Upland in Hessen).
From this station, it is a 7 minute walk to the conference hotel.

For small groups, there are cheap train tickets available at Deutsche Bahn.
E.g. the “Quer durchs Land” (all across the country) ticket at 44 – 76 EUR for up to 5 people; it can be used on 1 day all across Germany, but not on fast trains.

Link for travelling by train:

Link for travelling by car or taxi:

After-Conference Trip